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On Demand Drug Testing & Work Solutions specializes in workers’ compensation consulting, offering expert guidance in preventing workers’ compensation claims, workers’ compensation claims review and hiring to avoid workers’ compensation claims with essential function testingContact On Demand Drug Testing & Work Solutions to learn more about Workers’ Compensation Consulting today!

On Demand Nurse Triage

On Demand Drug Testing & Work Solutions' 24-hour on-call registered nurses guide your injured employee to the right level of care within moments of an on-the-job injury.

How On Demand Nurse Triage Works

By calling the company dedicated toll-free number, you will be connected with a registered nurse, who use the information the caller provides about the injury to determine the best course of action. Using specialized workplace injury guidelines designed by a military triage Medical Director, the registered nurse is able to quickly evaluate the situation and decide how the injured employee should proceed with first aid and home care. 

Nurses are available for immediate response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure injuries are addressed quickly, and directs the employee get the right treatment and manage the costs for the company. Don't let your supervisors make medical decisions, which could cost your company thousands. Leave that to the medical professionals. 

On Demand Nurse Triage continues to provide support and follow-up care with your employees to help them return to work more quickly. 

Benefits of On Demand Nurse Triage

  • Immediate consultation with a registered nurse to determine the best course of treatment for injured employee
  • Supervisors and Employees don't have to make medical decisions
  • Number of injuries that become OSHA reportable are reduced by avoiding unnecessary claims
  • Any person can be notified of all reports related to the injury, from first call through follow-ups.
  • Reduce occurrences of fraud - triage phone call is recorded
  • See fewer claims and reduced overall costs of claims, litigation and mitigation expenses
  • Provide round-the-clock control of medical treatment for employers who have multiple work shifts
  • Reduced lag time in reporting injuries
  • Employees return to work faster

How to Get Started

Contact us to learn more about the On Demand Nurse Triage or to sign your company up for the service.